Uma Mange
Title: Senior Search Manager
Company: Adobe
Speciality: PPC, Strategy
As a search PPC marketer, Uma is exceptional in her thoroughness, attention to detail and quality of work. These abilities, along with her infinite patience, also make her one of the most effective and sought after trainers on at Adobe.


Uma has worked for the past four years as a Search Marketing Manager at Adobe, and is now the Senior Search Marketing Manager running the global Adobe Acrobat campaigns. Prior to Adobe, Uma was a Search Marketing Analyst at iProspect and prior to her career in Search, she worked as an underwriter for CRICO and Nationwide.

Not only is she exceptional in her work, but she is also one of the great innovators on the PPC team. A short time after she came to Adobe, Uma led the shift to non-brand keywords that resulted in a 50% increase in non-brand conversions. Now the campaign effectively reaches new customers without a significant increase in cost and has consistently done so since the change. Lastly, Uma is a shining example of real genuine involvement. She is so genuine in her compulsion to help that when she rallies people to a cause it’s more like a pep rally than a work detail. She gets everyone excited to chip in and help, and that wouldn’t be possible if she didn’t have such a genuine desire to help, right down to her core.Uma has a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University in Mathematics.


DMA Certified Marketing Professional
Direct Marketing Association
Completed the required program, passed the examinations & recognized as a DMA Marketing Professional

Additional Honors & Awards