The Goth’s Guide To Link Building

I like to think of myself as a happy, sunny person but in reality, I’m really not…I am usually the first person to say “no, that won’t work” when someone has an idea. coque iphone x I expect all restaurants to be out of everything that I want to order and to offer me fennel stew. I think gas will increase to $95 a gallon this summer, and I always have a hat with me in case of rain. I think it’s always going to freaking rain even if the sky is a clear cobalt. I think these guys look like they’d be fun: Sisters of Mercy   I was once a goth, but now I’m a boss, a lot like Richmond on the IT Crowd. coque iphone Oddly, I was indeed a sunny goth I think, but now that I drive a minivan and wear (fake) fur boots I think my outlet for negativity has suffered, and since I don’t look like the walking dead anymore (just a misplaced Inuit), I think like they must. coque iphone 7 However, this can totally be used to my advantage when building links. Hahahahahaha. Who’s got the last laugh now Mom? From Goth To Boss of Link Fish Media (photoshopped image courtesy of the amazing Peter Attia) So try thinking like a Goth. 1. Type in your regular happy terms to find the negative pieces that show up in the SERPS, read them, offer the writer an opposing piece or write one on your site and link out. Rain on someone’s parade. Perhaps searching for your brand and adding “sucks” to the end will help identify these. However, if you search for “Link Fish Media sucks” you get our company playlist, which is completely unintentional yet somehow incredibly amusing. Obviously it’s the Sting track that’s driving that result. Sting sucks. Search for that and you’ll be busy all day. 2. Wordstream’s awesome Negative Keyword Thingy lets you search for negative keywords so that you won’t waste money on worthless paid ads, and can therefore afford to buy that mint condition seminal Christian Death album. Wordstream's Negative Keywords (See how I have 7 out of 10 free searches left? To me, that means I’m screwed.) Now, if you did PPC you’d enter these into the system so they would not be shown for these search terms of course. coque iphone 2019 For link building, I’d search and use them to prevent irrelevant SERPs from clouding my head even further like this: (Because I am also a bit lazy at times, it’s one I pulled from Google ( jaguar -cars -football -os) The best thing about this is that the first result is one for cars. Well done Google!!!) Jaguar negative search   3. Cussing. If you like Deadwood you like cussin’. They all wear very death-rock outfits on that show too. (There’s the tie-in to goth finally…um plus there was that band called The Damned which of course you know.) Anyway, we’ve had some amazing finds when we used curse words with a term. coque iphone xr Here’s an example: By searching for “damned organic soda” because I’m listening to Sisters of Mercy and not The Grateful Dead (like that would ever happen), I see this totally awesome result: I hadn’t even thought about the potential to use organic soda for cleaning dog urine, so that’s opened up a rainbow of possibilities. Using curse words can lead to some off-the-wall sites and, even if they aren’t good link targets, you may still get some great ideas for discovery. coque iphone pas cher (sounds almost positive doesn’t it?) I don’t mean to imply that all goths are negative and cursey. Actually all the ones that I’ve ever met are, but I still shouldn’t stereotype. Plenty of cheerleaders curse and bitch a lot too. Just use that negativity for something other than thinking your black hair dye is going to make your hair fall out soon.

Welcome Anna Lewis to the SEO Chicks blogging team!

I would like to officially welcome Anna Lewis to the SEO Chicks blogging team. acheter coque iphone en ligne Anna is a Digital Marketing Executive at Koozai, she has a degree in Advertising and a passion for SEO and particularly analytics. coque iphone xs max This girls gets numbers! When I first met her at a meet up event in London it soon became clear that Anna LOVES what she does, she is super enthusiastic and passionate. coque iphone x Just the kind we like at SEO Chicks. coque iphone pas cher She is also the right kind of crazy, which is a must to be on this blogging crew. coque iphone xs max We are honoured to have her in our blogging team and we’re looking forward to reading her posts.

Welcome to the team; Annabel Hodges

I’m so excited to welcome the wonderful Annabel Hodges aka Search Panda to the SEO-Chicks blogging crew. We’ve been eyeing her up for ages thinking she is probably crazy enough to become one of the SEO Chicks, and turns out she is. Yay! We asked Annabel a few questions before “hiring” her into the crew of course, some very qualifying, difficult and important questions: 1. How did you get into SEO? I was a translator back in the day and getting very very bored of it. I started trying to learn a little more about search and analytics in my spare time as my housemate got me interested in it and I got hooked. I then got a job with a small design/development agency who had just won some multinational clients and had a choice: train linguists up in search or train search marketers to speak other languages. Simple decision! 2. What makes your SEO heart tick? Two things mainly: 1. Data. And by that I mean those times when you really manage to get some juicy findings that suddenly change the way you look at what you’ve been doing. 2. Direct input/output of work. Over the years I’ve realised it’s pretty rare to be in a job where you have that satisfaction. On your own sites, if not your clients. You always get to tweak and learn and change and see, monitoring the direct impact of what you do and inputting back into that cycle. So many people work in a job where their day-to-day efforts get lost in a bigger machine. Continue reading “Welcome to the team; Annabel Hodges”

How To Sell Yourself As A Client

Here’s a bit of advice for those of you looking for someone to help you out with your online marketing: Don’t be such a complete asshat. For some of you, this is easier said than done (at least judging by some of my recent encounters) but try, please. Here’s Bill O’Reilly in case you aren’t sure exactly what an asshat is. yikes Over the past few years I’ve learned that there are quite a few warning signs that tell me that no matter how much money this guy is waving around, I don’t want him as my client. As I co-run the business with my husband, we try our best to agree on which clients to take, but occasionally one of us has accepted a client that the other person didn’t warm to immediately. Due to one of these issues, we’ve lost a lot of money on a client who refused to pay us. As a small business, this kind of thing can be detrimental, as you can imagine. I have 21 employees to protect and after a few bad experiences, I’m simply not going to let my gut instincts be secondary any longer. I disliked this guy immediately as he spoke over me and did lots of name-dropping about all the famous SEOs he knew. He was, and still is, what I like to refer to as a complete douchebag and if I’d only been stronger is voicing my misgivings and standing firm, things might be different right now. Live and learn though right? So I’m not going to just keep quiet about all the bad signals. I’m not going to risk my business to take on anyone willing to pay my rates. Therefore, here are some things I’d really, really rather you not do if you want to earn my business, and that of any other professional in this industry. Don’t insult my accent on a professional business call, first of all. Yes, I am Southern and when I hear a recording of myself I do gasp and immediately think of banjos and fried chicken but some of you don’t really sound much better. If you’re also Southern but you live in a “big city” then, um, still don’t freaking insult my accent. coque iphone You’re sometimes even more Southern than I am. Don’t call me a hick on a business call, and don’t assume that just because I don’t sound like I could cough up a hairball of disgust and indignation like some posh Brit, I’m stupid. I’m just not insecure enough to hide my accent. coque iphone I also really can’t hide it due to it being pretty damned thick. wheeee doggy Don’t ask to speak to my husband if I’m the one you contacted initially after reading MY articles. Yes, he’s the CEO but when you ask if he’s around because you’re prefer to speak to him and not me, all that says is that you have issues with women. Or Southern women. He’ll just tell you whatever I tell him to say ANYWAY. Don’t ask me to sell my services to you. First of all, right now (thank God) I don’t need to, Secondly, what that says to me is that you’re going to make my life a living hell if I take you on. I want to spend my time working, not checking in with you and kissing your arse. I don’t feel like being asked to sell my services mainly because if you need what we’re offering, I will sell it, maybe even indirectly. If you start out being cocky and condescending and ask me to tell you why you should hire me, you’ve already pissed me off enough that I wouldn’t work with you anyway. coque iphone xs max I totally understand that potential clients want to make sure they are making the right decision in hiring an SEO of course, but any SEO worth his or her reputation is going to sell services in various ways when you first make contact. We’ll sell by reputation, or word of mouth, or references. We don’t need you to immediately start trying to totally call the shots and tell us what to do. In this same line of thought, don’t obnoxiously say you’ve never heard of me when you did, in fact, send ME a damned email. Please realize that I haven’t heard of you either, most likely, especially if you’re a schmuck running a network of sites trying to promote overpriced gated real estate in Texas. So basically what I’m saying is that if you are a jerk, I’m not going to work with you, ever. I doubt I’m the only one who feels this way. However, let’s look at what types of things make me say “wow, I’d love to work with these people!” because there are a LOT of signals for that as well, and I am happy to say that my gut instincts on loving someone upfront have never led me astray. If I like you immediately, I’m going to keep liking you. I like nice people. Being nice doesn’t mean you are dull, or unintelligent. It means you have a basic sense of politeness and some good social skills. By and large, most of the contacts I receive really are from nice people, and I’m very, very thankful because I do not at all mind taking the time to respond to these queries, and always I am happy to help these people out in any way that I can, regardless of whether they have money, or fit into my schedule, or just need some questions answered and I know I’ll gain something concrete out of the exchange. Our oldest client (well, oldest to us…) is our nicest. No matter what he needs, he respects what we do and it shows. He was immediately nice and he’s never failed to be nice. coque iphone 8 Did I mention that I like nice people? Here’s Judi Dench. I think she’s a nice person. Yes, I’ve been thinking for years about how to work her into a post… Somewhat similar to this is a sense of gratitude. I like to deal with people who actually do seem appreciative of my time and what our business can do, again, regardless of whether we form a client relationship with them. I have never been as busy as I am right now, and most people I know are the same way. I don’t have much time to spare some days but if someone recognizes that, I’ll make time. Lastly, I like dealing with people who challenge me in some way, whether it’s to answer questions that stump me or to somehow bring about a new way for me to think about something. coque iphone xr My link builders are geniuses at this (especially cute little Rachel Alton), and some of my clients are. Many of the people who contact us ask truly fantastic questions that make me think about something besides spreadsheets, management, keeping timesheets updated, and HR issues. They make me remember the days when I was first getting into all this and couldn’t get enough. I’ve never known a single SEO who didn’t drool at the thought of figuring out an SEO problem. I remember seeing Steve Carrell on some talk show ages ago when the US version of The Office first came out, and he was talking about what an asshole his character is…he said something like (and I’m paraphrasing) “if you don’t think you know this guy it’s because you ARE this guy.” I think the same holds true here. If you read this and think, god she’s a princess, well…you may be an asshat. So if you do need help, now or later, respect the experience, knowledge, capabilities, and time of the person you contact. SEOs are fantastic about giving out loads of information as we write, participate in and run forums, function as industry journalists, and just respond to emails and IMs. Go on Twitter and ask a question and see everyone rush to help you out. Why would you ever want to insult these people?? Ah…it’s because you may be an asshat. Right.

Interview Alert! It’s Wordstream’s Elisa Gabbert!

Elisa Gabbert is the content manager at WordStream, where she runs the WordStream Internet Marketing Blog and helps market the company’s AdWords software, PPC management services and keyword research tools. coque iphone pas cher She also writes poetry and perfume criticism. She currently lives in Denver. coque iphone 6 You can follow her on Twitter at @egabbert (but expect tasteless jokes and bad puns).   The lovely Elisa Gabbert 1. Can you give us a summary of your SEO experience thus far? What is your current niche? I got into the SEO industry about five years ago, sort of by accident – I was working as an editorial assistant on a website at a big media company. Their model was to run a bunch of highly targeted websites (each aimed at a slice of the technology market, mostly B2B but some B2C as well – stuff like Oracle, Linux, server storage, etc.) and sell advertising against those sites. When I started, no one even knew what SEO was, but it slowly became a bigger and bigger part of our strategy company-wide. Most people hated it – the company employed a lot of journalists who were coming from a print background – but a few people saw how important it was and some (crazy nerds) even found it interesting (oh, hi). So I moved into an “SEO specialist” role, making recommendations for a group of websites. Now I work as a copywriter for a venture-backed startup that offers search marketing software and services, including a PPC management platform and various SEO tools (free and paid). We like to say this is the Olympics of search, because we’re competing to rank on search marketing terms with other companies that, like us, really know search marketing. So it’s very challenging, and VERY META. 2. How do you feel about the recent Google privacy changes that will now prevent us from seeing logged-in Google keyword data in Google Analytics? It’s apparently not the case for PPC. Fair or not? I actually just blogged about this news. I tend to side with the “privacy schmivacy” folks – clearly other motives were driving this decision. I think it sucks because that’s such useful data. The worry is that it will eventually affect all organic referrals, as opposed to just a fraction as it does now. Then keyword research/optimization for SEO officially becomes total guesswork. 3. Any tips on how to use PPC data for organic SEO and link building? Especially now that Google is taking away some of your organic search query data, it’s super important to keep an eye on your search query report if you do PPC. Assuming you’re using broad match and modified broad match (and you should be, in concert with negative keywords), you’ll be able to discover all kinds of new keywords that you can then incorporate into your content strategy. If you manage pretty large, complicated accounts, you might want to take a look at Chad Summerhill’s tips for search query mining – he includes a link to an Excel download that can help you sort through the data. You can download the full series in PDF as part of our negative keyword e-book. 4. Besides Wordstream tools, what else do you use? I usually use our own tool for keyword research, but I sometimes consult the Google keyword tool for comparison. I also use Google Analytics. Otherwise it’s mostly me and a Word doc. And Twitter! I’m on Twitter all day. As a writer, I can focus on content strategy and leave most of the hardcore geek stuff to our SEO guy. I avoid Excel whenever possible. 5. What are the best resources available for someone with a small budget, new to PPC? How small is small? If we’re talking really tiny, Google offers “AdWords Express” which requires very little effort on the advertiser’s part, but you give up a lot of control, so that’s iffy unless you’re talking a budget of like $100 a month and no experience with PPC. Beyond that, I’d recommend reading a lot of blogs to keep up with PPC best practices and the constant changes and additions to the AdWords interface. Tom Demers is my point man for keeping up with AdWords. And here’s a big list of awesome PPC blogs from BoostCTR. soldes coque iphone (Speaking of which, BoostCTR is an affordable way to get help with your ad copy.) Attend webinars, download white papers – take advantage of all the free resources that PPC companies offer in order to get your email address. The amount you can afford to spend on getting help with PPC will depend on your monthly budget. If you’re spending $1,000 a month or more, you can probably afford to invest in some tools. 6. What’s a typical day like for you? The first thing I do every morning – after checking my email and putting out any fires – is publish a new blog post on the WordStream blog. We try to do at least one new post every week day. The blog is my baby. Then I push it out through Twitter and poke around on TweetDeck to see what people are talking about. The rest of my day is some combination of meetings (talking strategy with the rest of the marketing team, planning for new features or product launches, etc.) and writing and/or editing (articles for our own blog, guest posts and contributed articles, email marketing, white papers, and so on and so on), with a little social media and link promotion sprinkled in for good measure. coque iphone 7. Name your dream client and tell us why. Anthropologie, because maybe we could work out some kind of discount? (Editor’s note: you and me both, sister.) 8. What’s the best piece of SEO advice you’ve ever received? Ever given? I think the best advice I got was from Larry Kim, who told me to copy Wikipedia. Who else, aside from Google itself, enjoys first-page rankings for such a wide array of keywords? So we try to emulate them on a smaller scale – create encyclopedic content on a topic (for us, that’s search marketing); organize it taxonomically; interlink heavily; use the keyword in the URL, title, first sentence, subheads, image file names and alt text; build anchor text links; etc…. coque iphone 8 As for given? My favorite piece of advice is: When you don’t know what to blog about, consult your analytics. Inevitably, you’ll find a traffic-driving search query that you don’t have a dedicated post for yet. So write it, duh! 9. Write an SEO haiku. Just kidding!! Who’d win in a fight between Martin Amis and Ian McEwan? I don’t know, they’re both pretty namby-pamby, wouldn’t you say? I think the ghost of Kingsley Amis, annoyed by their bickering, would hangover-vomit on them from above. (Editor’s note: I think Amis is less so than McEwan but McEwan is creepier, therefore he’d win. coque iphone xs max However that 9/11 book by Martin proved that he’s a bit scary, so…ok Amis would win.) 10. What’s the biggest bullshit SEO advice going around today? I’m quite annoyed by all of the “must do” items being pushed about. We didn’t have freaking wordpress tags in place and we still ranked, damn you all!! The perpetual thorn in my side is the obsession with getting into Google News. Sure, it can send lots of traffic, but I think evergreen content is more useful for our business model. 11. If you were not working in SEO, what would you be doing, besides staying home watching Oprah reruns and eating moonpies? Or is that just me? I’m a writer, so I’d spend my days writing about one of my other interests – mostly frivolous things like perfume and outfits, but I’m also into lofty pretentious stuff like poetry and women’s rights and “culture.” So if it weren’t for this SEO gig I’d probably be our generation’s Joan Didion. 12. Who are the most fun SEOs you’ve met and why? For the sake of not having to arsekiss this cannot include any of your bosses. Can it include you or does that count as arsekissing? (Editor’s note: I’d have accepted that HAD YOU MENTIONED ME.) My former bosses, Tom Demers and Ken Lyons (who now run Measured SEM), are a laugh a minute. I’ve met a lot of great people through WordStream. If Twitter counts as a “meetingplace,” I’m a big fan of Dr. Pete. 13. What’s the ickiest search you’ve ever stumbled across? When I was researching the types of chickens I wanted to get (shut up) I accidentally searched for “black sex links” instead of “black sex link chickens.” Yeah. Unfun. Luckily it was a web search, not an image search. I’m totally impressed that you have chickens. Please invite me over for breakfast. (I mean to eat eggs, not the chickens.) I don’t think I’ve ever “accidentally” searched for kinky sex tricks, but one of the common keyword referrals for my blog is “dave matthews band tattoos.” How icky is that? Also “emo gay sex blogspot,” but that’s just cute. coque iphone 8 Now this is Julie talking…I realize there are a lot of links to Wordstream here so before any of you start thinking they’re giving me free stuff or in any way influencing me, let me say that I WISH THEY DID. They don’t. I just think Elisa is three hoots and I like to see literate folk in our industry. Thanks for the interview Ms.

Think Your PPC Sucks? Find Out For Sure!

I scored better than 8% of Adwords accounts in my spend range. Wow, that’s…humiliating, and quite humbling. Wordstream has an awesome new Adwords performance grader tool that’s free and compares your account to others in your spend range (that they have previously graded, but they say that it’s millions) using more than 60 different factors. You get a general idea of how you’re doing then recommendations, in sections, for improvement. coque iphone xr I like. grade Naturally, this all ties into their PPC management software, which is available on a free 7-day trial. As PPC isn’t my main thing, I won’t be trying that out, but I do really like comparison systems, as I think they give us a great idea for where we stand in, um, comparison to everyone else. coque iphone 8 Everyone else, that is, who has run their account through this system. Still, it’s millions!! So in addition to learning that I’m worse than 92% of people in my spend range, what else can this tool tell me?

  • I am wasting a lot of money and should add negative keywords to my campaign.
  • My keywords are too broad. They are like the backside of my fattest chicken, S. Epatha Merkerson.
  • I have no good longtails.
  • I am neglecting my account and probably losing ground to competitors due to a full 0 recent actions in the past month. coque iphone 2019 That is dedication that you don’t find with just anyone.
  • I don’t have enough ads for each group. However, with my worst ad showing a CTR of over 4% (the expected average is 2.3%) I am still smirking slightly.
  • I have way, way fewer landing pages than my competitors. coque iphone I like it that way though, so take that! Why create a landing page just for PPC? I know people do it, but how is that any different than cloaking? OK I’m joking. coque iphone That rhymes.

Good news though! My Quality Score kicks ass!! I’m better than the rest of you monkeys with a 7.4 compared to the average of 5.2. Go me!! My CTR is also awesome!! OK that’s really all I’m doing well here…but seriously, this is one cool FREE tool. My favorite part is the end where there are happy green thumbs up images or scary and sad red thumbs down ones. I’m 50/50. Now, I have said many times that I love free tools…I also really like tools that spit out data in eye-pleasing ways. I may be about 6, but I do love the graphics here because it makes the analysis much less boring. Once your report is ready it emails you a permanent link in case you want to look at it over and over and over again, or, more professionally, make tweaks to your campaign, then check your performance later on. Here’s the thing about this tool: it does not compare your campaign to others in your niche, which means that while it is very valuable, you still can’t determine that just because you don’t have the same performance for asbestos removal as you do for discounted boots, you must suck. As mentioned above, it also compares your performance to others who have run their accounts through the grader. coque iphone en ligne Still, since I like to look at performance in terms of trending rather than exact metrics usually, I do think that it’s really useful. I’d also find this quite nice to show to a client who balks at making changes. For example, I don’t have conversion tracking on this account for various reasons. Yes I know it’s critical, so don’t fuss at me, but still, I do not have it. I am not always at liberty to choose the ad wording or keywords either. A report like this is helpful because then my client doesn’t just think it’s me deciding to do something crazy just because I’m bored. So try it out.

Loss of Trust in Branding

On August 16th Abercrombie and Fitch asked Jersey Shore cast members not to wear their brand. Pretty rich coming from the company who was making pushup bikini tops for children. Still,it was definitely a very clever marketing idea involving two tacky enterprises. Abercrombie certainly were all over the media right before all the kids who wear their overpriced and boring clothes went back to school. coque iphone 6 Clever indeed. In my own tacky marketing move, here’s a gratuitous and totally irrelevant shot of hottie Raveonettes singer Sune Rose Wagner, doing nothing at all related to this industry or this post. He’s just maddeningly handsome. coque iphone 8 I think it’s quite obvious that he’s sadly toasting not being married to me right now. Poor man. coque iphone Sune Rose Wagner At first this did look like a smart attempt to prevent brand corruption. While I happily confess to never having watched that show, I am bombarded by images of Snooki with her big hair and tiny outfits and The Situation’s abs (less hair but still unnerving) every time I read my (FREE…I swear on my grandma’s grave that I did not subscribe!!) copy of the heinous rag Star Magazine. You can’t go to Harris Teeter and buy the usual box of wine and a can of Pringles without seeing these guys whilst trying to figure out why your shit won’t scan whilst (again yes sorry, I like the word) the cashier stands there judging and not coming over to help you. Yeah, I know the damn Uscan is open people, but it never works for me so that is why I’m in THE LINE FOR AN ACTUAL PERSON. outlet coque iphone Anyway, initially I thought of how Tommy Hilfiger became a joke in the States as it went from classic American sportswear to something a bit more…urban. 10 years ago, who’d have imagined that Tommy would hit Axl Rose? Brand corruption did it, I am telling you. I won’t even get into the Burberry-chavs thing in the UK because it is still a source of agony for me, owning Burberry and traveling to the UK where I am unable to display the goods (the bag I mean) without someone asking me where I’m from in Essex. I don’t even have a fake tan so not sure why they make that assumption. Brand corruption is obviously not what this Abercrombie stunt was about though, but initially I did think “wow, they are doing the right thing here, even if it’s just plain obnoxious” but after a bit, I realized that it’s just another way to generate buzz. It’s linkbait. I used to like things like this and appreciate them for their cleverness, but now? Not so much. Yes, they got loads of attention, but what did it actually bring them? Did more people buy their clothes? Did anyone forget they once offered padded bikini tops to kids? Press of any sort can be a good thing but will their historical bouts of nuttiness simply lead to their own brand corruption? Other lower-priced retailers already sell Abercrombie-clone items anyway (with the exception of the aforementioned padded bikinis for kids.) If your polo shirts are $12 you can probably get away with pissing people off or just irritating them, but if they’re $68? Jaysis. soldes coque iphone You need to be making a name for yourself by giving a free $68 polo shirt to kids in need every time some frat boy buys one. Speaking of good ideas like that, here’s another one…a photo of Alex Kapranos from Franz Ferdinand, who is not guilty of anything to do with brand corruption, polo shirts, or bouffants! He is only guilty of being insanely good looking and fronting a truly amazing band. People reading blogs like to see images it seems, and he’s prettier than Snooki. Alex Kapranos See how my ridiculous interjection of shots of men I like kind of take away from my message? Hey, at least I’m not selling a polo for $68. Tacky seems to be the new thing though, so I’ll roll with it. coque iphone 7 Is this like the boy who cried wolf? Is it like Lyndon Antcliff’s divisive hooker story that brought out issues of trust and industry ethics? (for the record I thought that story was highly entertaining and honestly, anyone believing it should stop sniffing glue every morning) Not to pick on Lyndon at all here, but if you had the idea that he was indeed an untrustworthy shyster and he wrote something that was on the edge of believability again, would you trust him? I would, of course, as I actually understand satire and don’t think the Irish are really actually being told to eat babies. However, if Abercrombie does come out and say that they’re donating $10m to help clean up Vermont after Hurricane Irene, will it make you drive to the mall, risking being shot (or is that just here in Greensboro?), to go buy a $68 polo and hopefully see some nude models? Or will you just sit back and wait for the punchline? I’ll sit back and wait. soldes coque iphone Coming back from PR hijinks can of course be done. Alec Baldwin has a successful show after that phone call. My lovely husband still gets us business after his performance in Seattle. However, it takes a lot of work and honestly, after dealing with fallout, why bother in the first place? Broken trust is very hard to rebuild. It’s difficult to trust a person who has betrayed you. It’s hard to try another BK veggie burger after you’ve bitten into one containing an ink pen. Hey, at least it wasn’t a tooth I suppose… Lastly, let me leave you with this image, as it would be quite rude of me not to showcase Udo Kier. QUITE RUDE.

SES London Networking Party – 23rd Feb 2011

The SEO Chicks are pleased to announce this years “must attend” Networking Party on Wednesday 23rd of February on a boat on the river Thames. Yeah you heard it right, coque iphone xs max a boat…FUN! SES London is only a few weeks away (21-25th February) and is set to be yet another fabulous conference with some cracking speakers lined up, coque iphone xr sharing their SEO, SEM and Social Media strategies and tips. coque iphone 8 This year the conference has changed venue and is held at the Queen Elizabeth II conference centre, in Westminster. coque iphone Over 1500 knowledge hungry attendees are expected this year for 3 days of Search & Social Media sessions. But it can’t be all work and no play, so one of our own Chicks, Nichola Stott is organising the party this year; ably assisted by the wonderful, coque iphone 8 Joanna Butler and myself and backed up with the support of Incisive Media (the people behind SES.) We went in search for sponsors and are very pleased to have on board Raven SEO Tools as our main venue sponsors (if it wasn’t for them the party would have been in some boring bar) and last but not least our second sponsor Linkdex. Both sponsors have been very generous and put some money behind the bar, coque iphone pas cher so the evening will start off with a FREE bar, though as us search marketers are a sociable bunch its best to get to the venue as early as possible if you are banking on a few free drinks. coque iphone 8 So if you are going to SES London be sure to put the networking party in YOUR diary: VENUE: HMS President TIME: 7.00 – 11.30 ENTRY: SES conference attendees only (must show conference pass at the door) CAPACITY: 350 people max (therefore you must arrive early to be sure to be admitted) The HMS President – this historic boat even has it’s on Wikipedia page See YOU at the party,

And the winner of #SEScrapmas is…..

The lovely Joanna Butler with her ridiculously crappy clothes pegs! In fact Joanna won hands down on the votes, pretty much 90% of you agreed that clothes pegs is a pretty crap Christmas present. So Joanna you are the winner of the #SEScrapmas competition and you will recieve a full conference pass to SES London 2011, coque iphone whoop whoop! Ultimate Crappy Xmas gift – “the clothes pegs” On a different note, coque iphone it was pretty funny how many comments and tweets we had objecting to the “Search Tower” lego set being a crap gift, coque iphone 2019 aww all the lego fans (including my hubby). coque iphone Lastly, coque iphone thank you to everyone that tweeted, facebooked and voted.

Who’s got the best "crappest" xmas gift – YOU choose.

Wow, now that’s a dodgy and gramatically incorrect title if there ever was one. coque iphone 2019 So sorry I’m so late in posting the finalists for the #SEScrapmas competition . Turns out Wednesday (which was the deadline) was actually yesterday, days kind of blur when you are on maternity leave. The other day I walked out in my slippers, have also found my house keyes in strange places, you get the drift – I’m “two sandwiches short of a picnic” at the moment. coque iphone 6 Anywho, thanks to everyone that entered the competition and hellped us spread the word, we had some cracking coverage and entries. We had so much fun hearing some of the stories and seeing the pictures of your “crap” Christmas gifts. Now YOU choose who will WIN the SES London conference ticket. And as us SEO’s have a tendency to spam the fuck out of online polls (come on we’ve all done it) SEO-Chicks have decided that votes will be cast via the comments instead. coque iphone So without further ados here are the top 3 entires: Entry 1. Andy Blackburn @andyblackburn who got a Lego of “Sears Tower” in Chicago, niiiiice, oh dear, we recon that is a pretty rubbish Christmas gift. coque iphone Entry 2. Joanna Butler @JoannaButler who actually got Clothes pegs for Christmas, that really made me giggle. It’s useful but not really high on your wish list I bet, a typical “caring Auntie” gift. coque iphone soldes Entry 3. coque iphone xs max David Reynolds @Reynolds_UK who got a signed photograph of Matt Cutts, lol brilliant! At least the person that gave you this David had a sense of humour, I’m kind of secretly wishing it was from your girlfriend, that would be so funny. Oh Matt , if you read this. no offence, the SEO chicks would of course love a signed photo of you, any day 🙂 In addition, we would like to give an honorable mention to Claire Carlile @clairecarlile and her “nipple tassles” (yes seriously), which just raises several questions I don’t dare thinking about 🙂 But as we know Claire already has a ticket to SES London we figured someone else would get the chance to attend. coque iphone pas cher But thank you Claire for entertaining us and making us giggle, you’re too funny! All votes will be counted and winner announced by Tuesday 18th January (figured I would extend the voting a few days as I’m a bit slow publishing the finalists).