Welcome to the SEO Chicks; Bridget Randolph

I would like to welcome Bridget Randolph to the SEO Chicks blogging team. coque iphone 7 Bridget is originally from a small town in Virginia (US) but went to the UK to study (at Oxford none the less, clever cookie). coque iphone 6 Once she graduated she didn’t want to leave so she pursued a job in the UK, she is now working as a SEO analyst at Distilled UK and loves it. acheter coque iphone en ligne BridgetRandolph I first met Bridget a few months ago and realised what a smart chick she is, so when she asked if she could do a guest post on SEO Chicks about the much debated book “Lean in”, I said “heck yeah”. Once I read the blogpost I realised she is right up the SEO Chicks street and should be a regular blogger. We offered her a place on the team, she accepted, and TADA here she is. coque iphone 2019 Don’t miss her first post with the review of the book Lean-In by Sheryl Sandberg. coque iphone Also make sure you follow Bridget on Twitter.

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